Course Info

This is the class web page for CSE 421: Introduction to Algorithms, at the University of Washington.

Instructor: Anup Rao


TA: Cam Thach Nguyen


Time: Monday,Wednesday 1:30-2:50

Place: MEB 245

If you need an appointment and can’t make it to the scheduled office hours, please email us, and we will set up some other time.


We will be using the book, “Computational Complexity, a Modern Approach”, by Arora and Barak.


The rough grading split will be as follows:

  • bi-weekly problem sets (50%)
  • 1 take-home midterm (20%)
  • 1 in-class (open book) final (30%)

Class Mailing List

The mailing list ( is used to communicate important information that is relevant to all the students. Make sure that you are registered to it, by visiting this page.

The mailing list is also a very useful tool for collaboration and interaction between students. You are encouraged to post questions, thoughts, and ideas, that you believe would interest your fellow students.

Academic Integrity and Collaboration

You are allowed to collaborate with your classmates on the homeworks, to the extent of formulating ideas. On the homework you submit, please include a list of all the people that you discussed the problems with. You may not consult written materials other than the course materials in coming up with your solutions. Needless to say, you are expected to maintain the utmost level of academic integrity in the course.


We will be using the book, Algorithm Design (Addison Wesley, 2005), by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos.

The rough grading split will be as follows:

  • weekly problem sets (45-55%)
  • 1 take-home midterm (15-20%): pdf
  • 1 in-class (open book) final (30-35%)

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